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Services Offered

Agile & New Ways of Working Coaching

  • 1x1 Coaching (executives, senior leaders, managers, leads, individual contributors)

  • Team Coaching (executive & leadership teams, cross-functional teams, functional teams)

  • Organisational Coaching

    • Creating and improving the use of OKRs (Objectives and Key Results)

    • Creating and improving your system of work/ operating framework

    • Creating and improving your Learning Culture

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Facilitation (Remote / Hybrid / In person within Australia)

  • Team Offsites 

  • Highly Collaborative Strategy Days

  • Large Group Retrospectives

  • OKR Sessions

  • Creating and Improving​ Psychological Safety

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  • New Ways of Working

    • Agile in a Nutshell

    • Agile Mindset and Values

    • Scrum Overview

    • Building High-Performing Teams through Psychological Safety

  • Remote Working

    • Next Level Remote and Hybrid Facilitation Skills

    • How to Create a Remote Working Team Agreement​

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  • Vision Boarding Workshop (half-day)

  • Unlocking Clarity Retreat (2 days)

  • Discovering Your Strengths and Navigating Life through Resilience (for year 10 students, 2 days)

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